Eclipse, 2024 Graphic Design Senior Exhibition Header

2024 Graphic Design Senior Portfolio Exhibition

January 22-February 9, 2024

ECLIPSE is Baldwin Wallace University’s, Digital Media Design senior graphic design 2024 portfolio exhibition. The show features student works that visually and creatively communicate a message through print and web design. Each student represents their unique brand identity that emphasizes individual strengths and areas of specialization. Example works include logo, brochure and packaging design as well as website and App designs.



January 22, 2024–February 9, 2024
Reception: February 9, 2024, 5 pm–8 pm

DMD Graphic Design

The Digital Media & Design is an Interdisciplinary Program at Baldwin Wallace University that develops the technical skills and creative vision needed for this dynamic career field.

Charlize Bernhardt Headshot


Creativity is the ability to draw from a diverse expanse of ideas, inspiration, and resources to bring forth something entirely new. It is a uniquely human experience, one of the few things that a machine cannot replicate. This is why my approach to design focuses on the human. I create based on what excites, draws us in, and adds interest to our lives, all while maintaining the functionality of good design. I am heavily inspired by traditional design methods, including drawing, collage, calligraphy, and printmaking. Combining tradition with modern technology and ideas, I create designs that send their message in a unique and pleasing way. I am particularly passionate about print design, typography, and photo manipulation, but I work to breathe life and creativity into every type of design opportunity that comes my way.

Anna Haberstro Headshot



With four years of design experience, I have developed a profound commitment to creating innovative graphics for the advertising industry. I believe graphic design is aesthetically pleasing and serves a purpose by allowing people to appreciate the art of design and connect with the universe. By blending minimalist elegance with bold concepts, I have developed a style that conveys grit and determination to the world around us. Art and design have shaped my life, both as my career choice and passion.


Danielle Lesiw Headshot

Danielle Lesiw

Art is something that I am continuously learning and pushing myself to excel in. Through art, I have been able to connect with others and meet a lot of interesting people. I have been around artworks and supplies all my life, with my mom being an art therapist. The concept of surrealism has always interested me as an artist. I find that it allows the artist to twist reality in a creative way. Surrealism allows the artist to tell a story within the piece. The creativity and ideas behind art always draw me in. In my own personal artwork, I like to include elements of surrealism and create a story behind the works.

Sophia Morabito headshot


In my multifaceted design journey, I blend front-end web design to create captivating digital user experiences, enhancing visual appeal and functionality by using programming principles to create responsive, user-friendly interfaces. My proficiency in print design translates concepts into brochures, business cards, posters, and packaging with a dedication to capturing brand essence and leaving a lasting impression. Managing projects, creating social media graphics, email campaigns, and content scheduling for maximum reach go hand in hand with examining market trends and marketing tactics to ensure innovative solutions that align with shifting consumer preferences. In my holistic approach to design, I combine creativity, usability, and aesthetics to add value for clients while remaining adaptable and creative in a constantly evolving field.

Riley West Headshot


My journey as a graphic designer is driven by my passion for creativity, collaboration, and purposeful design. I thrive on incorporating an organic, playful energy into my creations while keeping a clean yet sophisticated style. I’ve used my skills as a graphic designer to visually communicate a message in packaging, branding, print, logos, and layout design. I am dedicated to crafting works that meet the client’s objectives and exceed their expectations by understanding their goals, target audience, and message. The inspiration of my works is not just inspired by art, trends, and marketing designs. It’s also drawn from the work of other designers and artists. Constantly learning from experience and experimenting with new techniques ultimately leads to my best work.

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