CHROMA Header graphic, the 2023 DMD Graphic Design Senior Exhibition

2023 Graphic Design Senior PORTFOLIO Exhibition


Chroma, is an exhibition of senior digital media design and graphic design majors’ works. The exhibition features works that visually and creatively communicate through print and web design.

The 2023 DMD seniors are John Tarolla, Skylar Sakonyi, Oliver Savel, Matthew Morales, Jackie Kasai, Jaden Trivisonno, Brandon Hrnja, Lexi Prokopius, Courtney Carruthers, Lucy Cummins, and Sandra Maciak.

Chroma is a quality of color combining hue and saturation. In art, color is a powerful tool for emotional communication and emphasis, something our DMD graphic design seniors know plenty about. Chroma symbolizes the seniors’ colorful future as they transform from students to professional designers. The senior show will showcase how they brought their creative vision to life through their graphic design work during their time at Baldwin Wallace University.

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January 23, 2023–February 10, 2023
Reception: February 10, 2023, 5 pm–8 pm

DMD Graphic Design

The Digital Media & Design is an Interdisciplinary Program at Baldwin Wallace University that develops the technical skills and creative vision needed for this dynamic career field.

Courtney Carruthers, DMD Senior


As a graphic designer, I have great time management skills that help create solutions for a brand’s identity, package design, brochure design, video editing, and photo manipulation. My art and design journey started in elementary school and progressed into taking digital design classes in high school and university. I excel in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro, and XD. For my design process, I start with research to learn more about the brand. I then move on to sketches and render the designs in various programs.

Lucy Cummins, DMD Senior


Art and design make mundane, everyday life more beautiful and creative. In a world without designers, there would be less creativity. As a highly-skilled, hardworking graphic designer specializing in visual communication, branding, package, print, and website design, I add another unique perspective to the world. Working from concept to completion, my creative process facilitates meaningful designs. Time management and detail-orientated skills complete designs and projects, working through multiple variations to achieve the results for the client’s needs.

Brandon Hrnja Photo

My experience as a designer has been one of exploration and learning. Consistently trying something new and applying my skills in different ways has been part of my journey since the beginning. I have always had a knack for creativity in one form or another. I pulled myself into the design world with my fascination for branding and typography. It is something special to help others with my skillset to achieve goals and start or renew a chapter of their lives. Using typography and the art of letterforms enhances the tools I have as a designer to apply a unique touch to many scenarios. Expressing myself with the visual communication I can provide in branding, logo design, print design, type design, website design, photography, and layout is crucial to my identity as a designer.
Jackie Kasai, DMD Senior

Growing up, I adored all things creative. From painting and drawing to school project dioramas, creating unique and personalized projects was my favorite thing to do. When grade school art projects turned into maturing and figuring out where I belonged, this creativity took a new form: graphic design. To succeed in a world riddled with complications, it is essential to be a designer in all aspects of life. Designers find purpose and plan to create meaningful and memorable experiences for others. I approach everything with the goal of making it better than before and strive to improve every day. Producing exceptional print and illustrated designs and capturing thrilling moments through my camera lens is what brings me the most joy in life.

Matthew Morales, DMD Senior


It often helps to have a different perspective to overcome challenges. Despite my focus on branding, design, layout, and illustration in the graphic design field, I look towards pop culture for inspiration, such as video game design elements or animated shows. Personality is a key aspect that I notice within those visual mediums’ technical and visual facets. Building a personality takes work. It takes a ton of research and sketching ideas to understand how to make it all cohesive. By understanding how franchises master this critical aspect, the more I can make brands stand out from the crowd.

Sandra Maciak, DMD Senior


Design means solving problems. Listening, empathizing, and acting on information make it possible to develop solutions to complex problems. A big part of my design style is translating unorganized elements into creative order, striving to remove chaos, and adding thoughtful beauty to the world. My inspiration comes from human nature and our perception of the world, which results in considering different perspectives. I explore the human mind and interlace user-centered designs that serve the purpose and look beautiful.

While simplicity and minimalism are dominant in my art, I am attracted to contrasting forms and styles to create aesthetically pleasing, exciting pieces. My work includes representational and abstract type treatment that pairs bold letters and delicate script.

My creative process starts with thoroughly exploring in-depth, conceptualizing, and pushing ideas until they and visually successful in delivering both functional and compelling pieces. By researching, sketching, and iterating my work, I can simplify the outcomes and achieve visual harmony that is engaging and satisfying.

Design has taught me to think outside of the box; some of the solutions I end up with are a result of exploring ideas outside of my comfort zone, which help me grow as an artist and a person. Being a designer is more than a career but a way of living and perceiving reality. It is all about constantly evolving as a designer to fulfill my highest creative potential while working on projects that make a difference.

Matthew Morales, DMD Senior


A journey in art is unending; you will never know all there is to see and discover out there. For those who choose art, it is not a career or a hobby, but a passion, a way of life. When I take a moment to look around me, my mind starts to think about all the art that surrounds me. The art surrounding me has inspired me to become the graphic designer I am today. I have experience designing brochures, infographics, poster designs, logotypes, brand identities, websites, and so much more. While the art world is always changing, I have noticed throughout my design years that my art style is also changing. In the future, I am excited to see how my designs continue to grow through the unending journey of art.

Matthew Morales, DMD Senior

An appreciation for the beautiful and the practical inspires me as a designer and allows me to bring art into the world in my way. I describe my design style as clean and clear with a touch of spunk; I bring a unique or unexpected element into each piece I make. These minute details are what make a design stand out. I strive to help passionate clients understand what little things make their brand special and bring these elements to the surface through my work.
Matthew Morales, DMD Senior

Graphic design is an unparalleled, inescapable art form that I have grown incredibly fond of. It is truly fulfilling to have the opportunity to create designs that are not only visually captivating but accessible in physical and technological avenues. Additionally, collaborating with other designers and clients in creating unique logos and branding systems is rewarding. Nothing triumphs over the feeling of accomplishment after successfully designing something that uplifts the main idea. Most importantly, effective graphic design is silent but impactful.
Matthew Morales, DMD Senior

Art, in all forms, has long been a creative outlet of mine. I have always been artistic, which translates fluidly into graphic design, where I apply my creativity in a way that aesthetically and functionally communicates a message to the viewer. My vibrant style applies to print and web design, where my design process excels. This process, beginning with diligent research, sketching, and planning, shows within the layout and leads to a successful final product. With these skills, my websites, applications, and printed pieces are accessible, functional, and successful.
Matthew Morales, DMD Senior


Who is Jade? The answer lies in the creations themselves. Some of my earliest memories involve drawing and coloring pictures as a small child, so it feels natural that everything would come full circle as I pursue art and design later in life. Much of my design inspiration comes from UI and web design, especially from design philosophies such as Google’s Material Design. Blocks of bold and bright colors, distinguishable boundaries, and geometric and easily recognizable forms are important to my design work. I take pride in my ability to produce work that not only meets the client’s needs but does so in a way that is uniquely my own.
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