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2022 Graphic Design Senior PORTFOLIO Exhibition


Please Note: Opening Reception Postponed to Friday, Feb 11 Due to Weather.

As the turbulence of the past two years begins to come to a close finally so do we ascend from the ashes of the raging wildfire. This ascent brings a renewed sense of purpose and drive to tackle new challenges that have been just out of reach. This new world presents each student with excellent opportunities to face the renewed vigor of shared hardship. This fervorous passion will be displayed during our showcase, ASCEND, Baldwin Wallace University’s Digital Media Design senior graphic design majors’ 2022 portfolio exhibition. The show features student works that visually and creatively communicate a message through print and web design. Each student represents their unique brand identity that emphasizes individual strengths and areas of specialization. Example works include logo, brochure, packaging design, and website and App designs.

View Ascend 2022 Graphic Design Senior Exhibition at Baldwin Wallace for more information.


February 4, 2022–February 11, 2022
Reception: February 11, 2022, 5 pm–8 pm

DMD Graphic Design

The Digital Media & Design is an Interdisciplinary Program at Baldwin Wallace University that develops the technical skills and creative vision needed for this dynamic career field.

Taino Arocho



It is easy to say that art has always been a big part of my life. My dad’s large murals and my brother’s creative mind have both made an impression on me. They always help me strive to push my designs to the limit. My style of design is similar to how I go through life: bold yet approachable. I specialize in abstract compositions and iconography. From editing photos to generating hype on social media, creating themed brochures and posters, I use the skills that I’ve learned as a graphic designer to communicate a message visually.

Taylor Bednarski



Graphic design is all around us. It provides a way to creatively solve the problem of communicating a message to the masses. That could be a company’s identity, a feeling associated with a product or brand, or specific details for an event. The concept of design has intrigued me from a young age. Designs that were bright and bold to minimalist clean design made me interested in this field. I start with a concept from research brainstorming to embody the general idea of what is to come. Color pallets, typography, illustrations, and icons provide the detail and precision needed to communicate the message. These ideas are displayed visually through packaging, print, logos, and layout design.

Lex Carman



A concept remains a concept until someone steps in and carries it to completion. Awesome ideas require a finer point to become truly great. Like any exceptional meal, there is prep and artistry that happens before it lands on your plate. I am that graphic chef. You bring me the raw ingredients, and I prepare you a feast. I am experienced in the graphics kitchen, fully trained to whip up concepts in traditional print mediums like posters or brochures. Perhaps you need a trifold dieline, a banner ad, or even a sizzling hot logo fresh from the Adobe grill. Along with this traditional training, I can also toss a word salad into SEO-friendly copy for your website. I can build the entire meal by hand-picking ideas, grilling them up, and serving them on a platter for your tasting perusal.

 Joey Gabella



As a Graphic Designer, I express my creativity and ideas through the power of art. My passion for design is constantly growing and inspired by the world around me. Finding variations of trends and styles to incorporate into my work pushes my creative side to new limits. I find the most success in my design process by being organized and consistent in my style with a sharp, clean, and modern look. My goal is to motivate others to better themselves and myself as a designer. I plan to achieve this goal by learning from my mistakes, listening to my mentors, and experimenting with new design techniques.

Todd Hepplestone



As a child, I was always designing and drawing something. My family encouraged me to use my imagination, resulting in filling in many sketchbooks. Learning more about art history, graphic design, and illustration has become a passion. Art is all around us in many forms, from nature to how a building is designed. Art, for me, makes life more engaging with how different colors can be used. When it comes to working, I am always willing to work hard and listen to others. The hope for the future is to communicate ideas in pleasing and enjoyable ways for people to see. I plan on using my abilities and knowledge to explore and enhance the world with graphic design.

Ashley Jones


My digital art expands possibilities by manipulating images, curves, and text and changing the color of specific fields. The art of photography, mainly via composition, has taught me how to use the current world around me and grasp its beauty or nature in my work, which will aid me in graphic design and capture professional-quality light, balance, and color. Research and the invention of new concepts are the essential aspects of art that help me advance. I can develop a slew of unique ideas for my task that pique my interest in seeing it through to completion.

Kate Kittinger



Inspiration is about always wanting to learn or discover something new. As life changes, so do the things that inspire my work. My inspiration comes from art, music, popular trends, and marketing ads/promotions, and observing what other artists, graphic designers, and marketers are doing in the industry. I have experience designing logos, icons, websites, social media posts/ads, app interfaces, brochures, book covers and layouts, posters, e-blasts, and more. With my background in marketing, I use split-testing to trace the performance of websites, social media posts, and emails. Using my marketing and design skills makes me valuable because I can create new visuals and use metrics to see how they are received.

Sierra Nelson



Art and expression have always inspired me. Design is significant because it portrays emotions and conveys your voice through visual communication. It is amazing to share my work with others and continue drafting and revising until imagination becomes a reality. Proficient in visually communicating through color theory, branding, web design, logo design, and typography. The unique part about design is that a person’s perception of the work will never be the same compared to someone else’s view.

Sanilla Shehada



Creativity visual design communication with proven time management and critical thinking are the cornerstones of my design process. I always appreciate receiving feedback on my design work and strive to improve my process, precision, and attention to detail. I am skilled in Adobe Creative Cloud; InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and XD used to create new graphic design projects such as logos, brochures, and websites and solve challenges that come my way to expand the brand and identity.



Art is in everything we do and see in our lives, whether human-made or produced in nature. Art and design have always inspired me, and I have been an avid creator since I was very young. I became a graphic designer to bring the client’s vision to reality. Design is essential to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the messages we share. I begin my process with a loose concept that continues to shape and mold it until it represents the feelings and ideas behind the design. After the client approves the first draft, the editing begins as I remove the unnecessary parts of the design or add to it until it fits their needs. I am a well-rounded designer who actively explores various design opportunities. I like to find options that allow me to work on different projects to enhance my skills and abilities.



After taking my first graphic design class in high school, I knew it was for me.  As a graphic designer, I focus on essential details such as typography and color to help visually communicate the message that catches the viewer’s attention. Doing research helps me come up with design ideas for logos, brochures, and more.  Social Media advertising has also been a focused interest of mine and producing websites with good SEO. Having a marketing background allows me to create artwork to serve a purpose as well.



Art has always been a passion of mine since I was young. I am a dreamer; my dreams and thoughts help form my ideas, sketched on paper and revised until my image comes to life. Designing posters, logos, websites, and branding are what I enjoy the most. My inspiration comes from a childhood idol of mine, Walt Disney. Walt once said, “You can design and create and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” Designing and creating art not only for my enjoyment but for others is my aspiration.

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