Don't Panic! Brace for Impact!

Don’t Panic! Brace for Impact!


Works featured in the upcoming exhibition pay reverence to the idea of unseen forces colliding with each other. The works will range from a variety of designer toys, spray-painted works, and other forms of Street Art.  In the incarnation of Don’t Panic! at the Fawick Gallery. R!ch and Bob solicit reinforcements in the form of fellow artists. All participants in this exhibition have a common tie to a Baldwin Wallace alumni, Stamy Paul, the founder of Graffiti Heart. Graffiti Heart connects professional artists with mural and public works projects while also raising money to fund art education scholarships through those commissions.   

Cihlar said, “I wanted to do something extra special with this exhibition.” As a BW alumnus and employee I wanted to share some of my alumni collaborations, my friends’ talents, and pay it forward in the form of art scholarships.” To raise funds for those art scholarships, Cihlar will be introducing a refurbished vintage cigarette machine he calls the Cleveland Artifact Machine. This will be his fourth refurbished machine that dispenses artwork. This machine can hold over 600+ pieces of art that he plans on having filled with the work of regional artists for the exhibit. The machine will then be donated to the Graffiti Heart Museum for continued use of promoting the arts. 

This exhibition is free and open to the public. It opens with a reception at the Fawick Gallery on Friday, November 12th, 5 pm–8 pm.

Artists included in this exhibition:
Bob Peck, R!ch Cihlar, Serg and Destroy, Rick Sans, Doug Meyer, Sign Guy, Jim Giar, Randy Crider, Vic Savage, and Graffiti Heart/Stamy Paul.

Exhibition Dates

November 12, 2021–December 3, 2021
Reception: November 12, 2021 5 pm–8 pm

Bob Peck and R!ch Cihlar from Don't Panic!

R!ch Cihlar & Bob Peck

R!ch Cihlar and Bob Peck devised the title, ‘Don’t Panic!’ for their art collaborations, in reference to their collective approach and as advice for the viewer. The dynamic duo uses spray paint to morph their styles seamlessly into unified Street/Pop Art installations.  


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