Ascend, 2022 DMD Graphic Design Senior Exhibition

2022 Graphic Design Senior Exhibition

February 4, 2022

As the turbulence of the past two years begins to come to a close finally so do we ascend from the ashes of the raging wildfire. This ascent brings a renewed sense of purpose and drive to tackle new challenges that have been just out of reach. This new world presents each student with excellent opportunities to face the renewed vigor of shared hardship. This fervorous passion will be displayed during our showcase, ASCEND, Baldwin Wallace University’s Digital Media Design senior graphic design majors’ 2022 portfolio exhibition. The show features student works that visually and creatively communicate a message through print and web design. Each student represents their unique brand identity that emphasizes individual strengths and areas of specialization. Example works include logo, brochure, and packaging design as well as website and App designs.


DMD Graphic Design

The Digital Media & Design is an Interdisciplinary Program at Baldwin Wallace University that develops the technical skills and creative vision needed for this dynamic career field.

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Photography of the event will be used to promote the University and your attendance provides permission to use your likeness in promotional material.

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